Why I didn’t freak when I accidentally blew away my website home page

Author: maddy schafer/Friday, June 23, 2017/Categories: journey toward a-bun-dance

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sky waves on a fine winter morning

sky waves on a fine winter morning


Big mistake. Huge. (Thanks Pretty Woman, dressing down the snooty fashion shop assistant, still love that movie.)

I accidentally blew away the home page on my website. Ooops!

It took me ages to build. I got it 'just right', expanded my HTML skills a little, it was a beautiful thing!

Then my entire vision changed five weeks back … oh dear, now I need to do it again. Except I had no idea what to put on it.

Fast forward and I need a landing page to tell people about the Space for Abundant Self-Healing and Inner Guidance. So I copy my home page because I like how it looks, intending to use it as a starting point.

Right there I made a mistake

I thought I'd created a fresh new page and I could do what I liked.

In fact I was working on a Referenced copy, which is the default way my website does things, but I didn't know that. Otherwise I'd have done it differently. Live and learn.

Referencing is like having two doors into the same room. It doesn't matter which door you use to walk in, if you move a chair you'll see the same change when you look in through the other door.

Which means, when I was editing my nice shiny new page, all hidden and out of public view, I was ALSO editing my highly visible home page!

As I said, Ooops!


I adore what happens when sunlight hits dew on grass

I adore what happens when sunlight hits dew on grass


I'd hit Save too many times to go back. The original had fallen out of the version history.

I thought quietly about asking for a restore from backup.

Then I smiled and saw the sense in it all

So my Home page is taken over by my still evolving rave about this new group.


Say what???

It makes perfect sense. My evolving rave is presently the truest, clearest and most accurate expression of what I'm about right now anyway. Self-healing, self-determination, self-sustainability, self-abundance.

Yes the biggest version of my vision goes much further, but this is the part I can fairly reasonably explain to the world.

I reckon I just accidentally on purpose outed myself.

It seems I'm done polishing, done having everything lined up before I start sharing it with you.

Here I am, ready or not!

What about you?

If you're done waiting for ducks to line up ...


four ducks in a row at Wellington Botanical Gardens last September

four ducks in a row at Wellington Botanical Gardens last September


... and you're ready to start creating yourself and your life from inside yourself NOW, without waiting for anyone to approve, or tell you how to be or what to do … because you're determined to learn how to make and live and LOVE those choices yourself … check out my evolving rave on my home page.

Even if you're just rabidly curious to see what my totally unfinished but absolutely kickass home page looks like now, well, you know what to do!

Plus you can follow me on Facebook to keep up with my Live video updates, as everything about me and how I'm expressing the greatest version of myself in the world continues to unfurl like I'm living in a wild and crazy movie.

Except I'm the director, the whole production team, and the whole cast.

See you on set!


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