about maddy



maddy is a short petite one-time red-head who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. It's taken her ages to realise the only thing she cares about is giving people tools to live effectively and well.

She takes pleasure in simple and precious things: her beloved Laurence, walks, photography, gardening, yoga, working as a web content expert, delicious nourishing food, and dear friends.

starting in the arts

maddy's first career was in music and she was a freelance professional violinist of some ability. She played in the (then) Wellington Regional Orchestra, taught students and ran various classes.

Sitting backstage in the Opera House in a mid-rehearsal tea break one evening, she realised her back hurt, she wasn't making much money, and if nothing changed she'd be in exactly the same situation in another five years. She finished that job and quit. Everyone was astonished.

changing direction

She got work as an office temporary, gained a range of skills over many years, and long story short, finally understood why she always got the prize for English at school (she'd never realised how good she is with words). She also become a competent website administrator and web writer, and in 2014 she was invited to be a content expert with a fabulous Wellington company called Webstruxure.

That same year she took a huge plunge, launching herself into a telesummit career with her self-healing work. For various reasons the launch failed. In the process of that failure and several more over the next three years, maddy learned a bunch of other stuff instead. Including how to navigate deeply difficult processes in life, and practical things that really work when the lights are out and sh*t's coming down.

maddy and enysth

Let's rewind a bit. OK, a lot. To another beginning.

ensyth is a closed system, and they had a problem they couldn't solve. There was opportunity for maddy to separate out from their collective being and enter a human existence (yes, that means she used to be part of ensyth) because they desperately needed a solution from outside their box. She took it.

It was hard being on her own. It took 21 years before the light of awareness even began to dawn, and the unfurling of her growth and expansion continues each day.

After another 7 years she met Laurence - her match and soulmate (there's a story). Soon after a teacher arrived to remind them how to do energy work over the next three and a half years. During this time maddy became a Reiki Master and decided the energy was lovely but not particularly interesting, because she was also learning to work inter-dimensionally, and was entranced by the energies she could sense on other planes of existence. Oooo - shiny things!

remembering energy mastery

In 2004 maddy had a huge realisation about the scope and scale of how she could work with Reiki ... huge ... outside of time and dimensions ... complex ... braided ... with profoundly positive and lasting effects. And that doing this work was like coming up for air.

Early on there were 'guides' who helped with the energy and she would channel them when required. Later she only ever seemed to be channeling an advanced version of herself. Which was true enough in a way ... she'd reconnected with ensyth but she didn't know who they were.

remembering ensyth

A series of events in 2009 blasted open memory's vault and she realised just how far away from home she really was. And then she realised who ensyth is. And just a little of who she is (she knows more now). It was a shock, though it made sense.

ensyth and maddy are now so integrated it's hard to tell them apart. A subtle shift in energy, a different voice inflection, and occasionally a velvet coated energetic sledge-hammer are all that give ensyth away. It doesn't matter, they don't require recognition.

ensyth-maddy now

maddy is a gifted coach who strips mystery and complexity away from self-healing tools and techniques, leaving only that which is simple, approachable and do-able. She has a special ability to guide and support applied learning and experience, and to make exploration and failure OK and a pathway to success.

She's been through rough times. She knows what pain is like. She's learned how to navigate life experiences of intensity.

She's only interested offering you effective tools which work for anyone who is willing to get on and use them. These are the tools she uses herself when the rubber hits the road. Or something hits the fan.

While she easily reads and navigates energy, time and dimensions, she won't give you answers or 'fix' you. Rather she gently and skillfully helps you do that for yourself. So you're better equipped to do it the next time life happens.

Her work is fun, gentle, practical and profound, and is entirely co-created with you.

bring on the magic

ensyth and maddy both love to see you in the moment when clarity comes, immovable barriers dissolve and the whole universe sits up, takes notice and rearranges itself to fit the new truth you're creating.

This moment feels like magic! But it's simply the truth of how potent you are when you allow yourself to be.

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